Customer Project – Developing the Design Notes...

Things To Consider...

Spend some time reviewing DCB's current website. There's quite a bit of very useful information contained within those pages which will be very useful for incorporation into the new website.

Also, spend some time reviewing a sampling of your competitors sites from the greater Cincinnati area. I've also included a very useful page of additional site design layouts for your consideration. Keep in mind when examining the layouts that colors and images can be customized to fit our specific needs.

When you finished examining the items above, take a look at the Wire Frame navigation model.

Beginning the Design Process...

 Web Design Image

We'll use this area to review the various aspects of the proposed design detail ranging from colors to content as well as any other elements of design related to the new site. Subjects like site content & objectives, organization, navigation, layout, colors, features, user tools, etc. will be contained in this section.


Color Spectrum ROYGBIV

It's time to think about colors. My understanding is that the company is currently using burgundy and a light goldenrod for their primary color scheme. On the lines below I've put together a sample based on those two colors. Study these color schemes and choose which you like best.

burgundy background – antique white text.
burgundyV background – beige text.
sangria background – goldenrod light yellow text.
maroon background – cornsilk text.
pantone 209 background – white text.
white background – pantone 209 text.
antique background – burgundy text.
beige background – burgundyV text.
goldenrod light yellow background – sangria text.
cornsilk background – maroon text.

We'll keep these colors in mind as we proceed with the design project. If desired, we can theme the new site around these colors or use them as a secondary color palette. Be aware, colors can appear differently in various types of displays. Are there any other specific colors we would like to see on the website? Here's a complete list of the color names supported by all major browsers.

Various color combinations and color schemes can be viewed at If you go to their website you'll see plenty of different color schemes for your consideration. Also, take a look at Kuler, where you can browse and create color themes

The Layout...

Three or four columns, fixed or fluid, choosing a layout for your new website doesn't need to complicated. Take a look at the layouts gallery prepared for this project. There are different types of websites and styles of design represented, so you should certainly be able to find some useful ideas from this group. If you'd like to see a larger selections of designs visit 4Templates.Com. Website templates are pre-designed websites, all you need to do is add your own personal content and your ready to jump start your own website. You can customize the website templates any way you like.

Soon we'll need to decide on which style of layout we would like to use. For now, study the various layouts and note which ones you like the best. Do you have any favorite websites you visit often? Take a moment and review their layouts and notice any features you favor. What makes these sites so interesting?


PHP Tag Cloud Image

Most of the current content from the DCB website will used in the development of the new site. Simply put, content is the stuff on your site. Good content is useful information or tools that your visitors will find helpful. It means different things to different businesses and the bottom line is that what constitutes "good content" depends on the goal of your site.

Writing and preparing content for the Web requires a different approach from writing and preparing content for print documents and publications. In addition, writing copy for the Web that grabs attention and gets the results you want takes special skill and attention, whether you're trying to sell products or services at a business or commercial site or if you just want to let people know the latest at your personal site. Maybe you would like to learn about content management systems (CMS).

As the developer my task is to take the given client content and integrate it into the chosen site design. Although when needed I can provide content suggestions, actual written copy of any specific content you wish to display on the new site will need to be provided to me, the developer, by you, the client.